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Who wouldn't love a modern heavy rock sound, just with a twist of 90's grunge mixed in? That's what you get with Canadian hard rock band, Rise of Division. Rise of Division is a hard rock band based out of Brantford, Ontario armed with a rocking, high energy, head banging live show followed by an enormous wall of sound. Their name comes from the battle to keep their music alive when everyone was doubting them, saying how it's nearly impossible to make it in the industry. Feeling like they were being ambushed from all angles they needed a release for the creativeness. Rise of Division was formed and they have battled through, marching on, leaving the naysayers in the dust.


Rise of Division is comprised of Jeffrey Copoc leading the assault vocally and on guitar, Billy Minnery shredding the lead guitar, Leigh Redfearn blowing up the bass, Brian Tipping destroying the drums, and Hunter Shay polishing the sound on keys and guitar. These five individuals share an energy and dedication for music. The band is always writing or playing shows because that is what they love to do. After a brief hiatus from music and joining the Canadian Armed Forces military, frontman Jeffrey Copoc realized he could not escape his passion and pull to write and perform music and returned to his rock roots.


The music consists of heavy guitars and melodic vocals with driving drum beats, full of hooks and captivating tones that leave you wanting more. Allowing you to get out your aggression out on one track and on the other relate to the perils of bad relationships. The core of the band have been friends since high school and recently added Billy Minnery who brought the final piece of the madness that is Rise of Division.

Over the last two years they have been hauling their gear across Ontario, paying their dues, recording a full length album and gaining a loyal fan base in the process. The energy they exhibit on stage transfers to the crowd proving they know how to entertain an audience and has resulted in the building of what is known now as "THE RISE OF DIVISION INFANTRY".


Although under the band name INAMBUSH (Now Rise of Division), the band has played some of the largest festivals Ontario had to offer opening for KISS at Rogers Sarnia Bayfest, Supporting Three Days Grace, Finger 11 and The Trews at Brantfords Hockeyfest, Canadian Music Week and many more. We will rise.

Rise of Division on 94.9 the rocks "generation next"
Listen to the full week here!

"Division into two parts" is the central theme for Rise of Divisions debut album entitled "DICHOTOMY". The album featureS 12 heavy hitting new tracks which will include the bands latest single releases, "Blinded by Pain", "FEED ME TO THE WOLVES" and "Burn it down". A musical fusion between violent guitars and catchy melodies will send the listener into a tornado of emotion. Together we rise.