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Canadian hard rock band Rise of Division looks to rise from the ashes with their debut album entitled "Dichotomy". The album includes singles "Feed Me To The Wolves", "Addiction Remains" and "Cynical".


Dichotomy was recorded at RS sounds & production with musical engineer and producer, Randy Solski.

     "Randy is an extremely talented musician and producer who is easy to work with. We have a very nice work flow when it comes to our recording process and it's being displaying in the music"- Jeffrey Copoc

Lead singer, Jeffrey Copoc, has no shortage of experience working with Randy Solski. In 2006, Randy engineered Copoc's first album entitled "Seeds of Paranoia" under the name Grindstone. The band was only 16 years of age at the time. Following a copywrite issue regarding the name "Grindstone", the band would later transition to become Southern Ontario's rock group INAMBUSH. After years of success and growth, the band would add to their resume when opening for bands such as The Trews, My Darkest days, Bleeker Ridge, Three Days Grace and even iconic rock band KISS. Following an American tour fall through, the band decided to go on a hiatus in 2012. Since then, frontman Jeffrey Copoc has completed 8 years of Canadian Forces Military service, growing as an individual and artist. With more hardship, brings more emotion to translate into his music. 


      "I think the break was necessary for myself. The decision to join the military has made myself grow in multiple areas of life and I believe the growth and maturity shows in my new musical creations"  - Jeff Copoc

"Focus, determination, experience, skill and power. That's what Jeff brings to the table in the studio. Oh yeah, hot songs too! Makes my job very easy."- Randy Solski -RS Sounds & Production

The band looks forward to bringing a heavy, violent, and melodic sound to the stage with debut album "Dichotomy", which features 12 new tracks with hopes to resurrect southern Ontarios rock scene from the dead. 

Watch us rise.


Nearly 10 years later, two of the ex INAMBUSH members are back to the studio and ready to take their music industry experience and do what they love; perform. The recording process has been a challenge and new experience for both the band and engineer Randy Solski, due to the restrictions that COVID-19 have posed. A great portion of the album has been recorded remotely from Jeffrey Copoc's home and over "FaceTime" sessions, making it a rare and unique experience.

Rise of Divisions' latest single "Key To               My Heart" OUT NOW!
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