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New album "Dichotomy" 2021 release..

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

F**king excited is an understatement in comparison to how Rise of Division feels about the release of their debut album "Dichotomy", which is expected to drop in the summer of 2021. The album is a heavy hitting reflection of the bands deep roots to 90's rock music, twisted with a modern edge.


"This album to me is so deeply connected to my emotions and entire being, that it's difficult to put into words. I have been writing this album subconsciously for about nine years now and it's time to show the world. You're all in for a treat."- Jeffrey Copoc

Lead singer and frontman, Jeffrey Copoc, has been working in the studio on "Dichotomy" as a single entity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Copoc has been working closely with engineer and producer, Randy Solski at RS Sounds in Brantford Ontario, often working remotely from home, bouncing ideas back and forth.

"A lot of people are shocked when they find out that I have recorded and tracked all the instruments myself for this album. The only thing I have not played on this album is bass guitar. Everything else ranging from drums, guitars, vocals and any ear candy in between were written and recorded by myself. That is something I am extremely proud of.."

Copoc says recording should be wrapped up by August 2021 and the beginning phases for the release will begin. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of debut album Dichotomy, a full new line-up of merchandise and live performances full of energy, intensity and raw passion.

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